Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy this list of the best places to buy beauty products online, where I’ve been doing 99% of my shopping at.

NOTE: These opinions are from the standpoint of someone living in the USA, so please keep that in mind. Things like shipping might be different if you live in another country (for example, international Nordstrom.com orders have a different return process and do not qualify for free returns or merchandise exchanges).

1: Nordstrom

Nordstrom is my number one all time favorite place to buy mid and high-end makeup, skincare, and hair products. They have a huge selection of high-quality brands and continuously add more. This is where I usually end up finding my holy grail makeup and hair products. I really like their selection of free samples too. You get to choose 3 free skincare and/or makeup samples with each order and they’re things I actually want to try. 

Nordstrom also price matches their products. This ensures you won’t find the product cheaper at another store, excluding places like Amazon or Ebay. Nordstrom isn’t known for having constant sales or coupons for beauty, but occasionally they will have gifts with purchase.

In addition, they have a text-based live chat service (good for introverts, hehe) that I’ve enjoyed using, where you can get product advice from a beauty consultant. It’s a quick and easy way to get personalized advice about the products. This is especially useful for people who don’t live near a Nordstrom to test the products in person. 

They have a rewards program that will give you $20 for every $2000 you spend. They also offer credit and debit cards that earn you $20 for every $1000 you spend. The reason they get the #1 slot on my list of best places to buy beauty products online is because they offer free shipping on all orders AND free return shipping on used cosmetics, any amount of time after your purchase! The return process is the easiest I’ve found yet. You fill out a return slip, which is included in the box, and the shipping label is a sticker. No tape or printer needed.

2: Paula’s Choice

Paula’s Choice is known for creating high quality but affordable, non-irritating products that do what they say they’re going to do. Though Nordstrom offers Paula’s Choice products, I like buying directly from the Paula’s Choice website for various reasons. They offer sample sizes of almost all their products, which either come free with any purchase (you can choose 3 samples from a limited list) or can be purchased on their own for a low price. There are also frequent sales on the website and retailmenot.com will often have a coupon.

Paula’s Choice also offers a referral program that can be accessed once you create an account. Refer a friend who is a new Paula’s Choice customer and they will get $10 off their first order when they spend $15 or more. When their order ships, you will receive a $10 credit on your account. Credits are automatically applied to your order at checkout.

Shipping is often free, as it’s usually included in the sales that are going on (which are very frequent). I’ve rarely had to pay for shipping. Used products can be returned for a refund 0-60 days after purchase and store credit will be given 60-180 days after purchase. Return shipping is not free. 

3: Soko Glam

Soko Glam, a USA-based store, is one of my best places to buy beauty products online when it comes to Korean skincare products. I find most of my holy grail products here. The products are curated by Charlotte Cho, the founder, before making it to the website. She stays on top of trends and adds new products to the website continuously. I find she does a great job curating products and I’ve never gotten a product that I would consider to be low quality. You’ll also get free samples of Korean skincare products with each order. 

One feature I like about the website is that they show the product’s texture for some of them, like this one. I haven’t come across many other websites that do this.

Soko Glam has a referral program as well. You get $10 when you refer a new customer to Soko Glam, and they get 20% off their order of $25 or more.

Shipping is free on orders over $35. Soko Glam accepts returns on gently used products within 60 days of receipt for store credit, though they currently don’t refund original shipping charges. 

4: Peach and Lily

Peach and Lily has become another favorite USA-based store for quality Korean beauty products. Their products are also curated much like Soko Glam’s. They have a different selection from Soko Glam and I’ve had great success with the quality of their products. I’ve only purchased a few products so far but they might just become holy grail products. Peach and Lily also includes free samples of Korean skincare products with each order.

Peach and Lily have a referral program too! You and your person of choice get $10 if they’ve never shopped at Peach and Lily before. You get your store credit after they make their purchase of $50 or more with your referral code. Their referral program might not be as good as the ones from Paula’s Choice or Soko Glam, but they compensate by having a points program that awards you $10 for every $100 you spend. I’ve found it adds up quickly.

Shipping is free on orders over $50. You can return used products, except single-use products, within 30 days of the purchase date. Original shipping charges are not refunded. 

5: Wishtrend

Wishtrend is a cool, innovative store based in Korea. Not only are their product info pages some of the most intriguing I’ve seen, they sell quality products and have fun, informative videos on Youtube. Surprisingly, their products usually live up to the amount of hype they get on the site. I haven’t shopped there in a while, but back when I did, I do remember getting free samples with each order of products. The samples were products that could be bought from their site.   

Rather than have a small group of curated products, Wishtrend offers a wider variety of not-as-well-known, high-quality products at affordable prices. I have found some great products here that I would repurchase.

Wishtrend also has a referral program. You and your person of choice get $5 if they’ve never shopped at Wishtrend before. You get your store credit after they make their purchase with your referral code.

Shipping is free on orders over $69. You can’t return used products. The main drawback about Wishtrend is the long shipping times. Because they’re located in Korea, I had to wait about 2 weeks for the products to arrive in the USA. That being said, I would still shop here, as I think the products are usually worth the wait.

6: Amazon

Amazon is where I turn when I need a refill of something, or when I want to try a product that’s not sold at other places I shop. Sometimes, I will even find a high-end product priced cheaper than it would normally be priced on Nordstrom (score!). 

The main reason I use Amazon though is because of this super awesome tip I’m going to share with you: Microsoft Rewards! You basically get gift cards for searching through the Bing search engine. You can also search through bing on mobile to earn even faster. I’ve been building a pretty good stack of Amazon codes this way. It’s easy and it doesn’t take forever to build points like other similar programs I’ve tried. I personally don’t bother with the other offers, just the searches and gift cards. I highly suggest you check out Microsoft Rewards (not an affiliate link)!     

7: Ebay

I hesitated when including Ebay in the list because it’s known for selling fake beauty products, especially Korean skincare. So, I pretty much only use Ebay for buying products that are hard to find with the other options. As long as you make sure the seller has a very high rating, you should receive authentic products. I usually aim for a minimum feedback rating of 99% and I scan the negative reviews for consistent mention of people receiving fake products. The main benefit of using Ebay is that the cost is the lowest I’ve found, and shipping is usually free! 

Those are, in my current opinion, the best places to buy beauty products online. I’m always looking to discover new gems, so leave your suggestions below! <3